About Us

Take the once cherished now discarded childhood bed sheets we used to dream under as kids, imagine them into tailor-made, bespoke clothing. Now you’re talking Duvet Days.

From Marvel to Barbie to Disney to WWF, there is a design to unleash everyone’s nostalgia. These bold, statement prints attract only the fearless and adventurous. Born from a thirst for festival-wear that incorporates fun, colour and comfort. Founder Emma Graham-White developed the designs into clothing that has the versatility to wear both on and off site.

Duvet Days is fuelled by ethical mentalities and joins an army of environmentally conscious names in fashion, upcycling and using locally sourced fabric. Not wanting to waste a single scrap, all of the duvet cover is used, smaller pieces used for children’s clothing and hair scrunchies.

The beauty of these pieces is that they fit and flatter all shapes. Weightlifter-style trousers, shorts and skirts match cropped tops, transforming their owners.

“It’s important to let the print talk” says Emma. The simplicity of the cuts bring the patterns to life while comfort is king; make way for a colourful new breed of “lungewear.”